Biggest Trading COMPETITION

Test Your Skills for 7 Days and Win Incredible Prizes!

The competition STARTS on June 10th 2024!


Registration for this competition is closed, but no sweat! We’ve got tons more coming up soon. In the meantime, check out the leaderboard and join Trade The Pool to get ready for the next one.

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What is the 'Rule the Pool' Competition all about?

Trade The Pool wants to find talented traders, as well as advocate for giving traders an opportunity to take their trading to the next level. What more fun way to do it than having an exciting trading contest? Let’s get it!

More than $1,500,000 in prizes!

50 first places win

Prize pool picker x16


Extra BP

+ second pick


Ultimate BP

+ first pick


Super BP

+ third pick

Rule The Pool Prizes

How to Join?

Step 1

Register for the 'Rule the Pool' Contest

Step 2

In the hub, go to "New Account", and purchase (for free) Rule the Pool account.

Step 3

Register for the 'Rule the Pool' Contest

*Your account will be activated on June 10th at 9:25 ET


Daily Loss: $2,000

Max Loss: $20,000

Max Exposure: $200,000

The contest will start on June 10th at 9:30 ET and will end on June 17th at 16:00 ET

The contest itself is free to enter. We welcome traders from all around the world to enter and put their skills to the test. This is a great opportunity for those who are just starting out and want to be a part of a great community while also improving their skills.

Contest Registration ends on June 9th at 23:59 ET.

Rule the Pool contest will run from June 10th at 09:30 ET to June 17th at 16:00 ET.

The top 50 most profitable performers will receive prizes.

Once you’re in, you will have 2 places to visit:

Your dashboard displays your trading performance and stats.

Leaderboard [Dashboard link] – display an overview of all traders who are taking part in the contest.

The top 16 winners will have the opportunity to choose one prize from the prize pool:

  • The first place will get the first pick
  • The second place will get the second pick

And so on.

17th to 50th places will receive hub credit

You can hold traders overnight while maintaining our risk rules:

A trader can hold an overnight position during the week and the weekend.

At 15:55 ET the max exposure on all accounts will be reduced automatically to fit the overnight exposure:

On the Mini BP $20,000 to $3k

On the Super BP $80,000 to $12k

On the Extra BP $160,000 to $24k

On the Ultimate BP $260,000 to $39k

Once the exposure drops from intraday to overnight exposure, TTP will automatically close the remaining shares/positions that exceeded the overnight exposure.

The adjustment for open positions will be according to an equal % for all open positions to fit their market value.

Got questions?

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